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Open-source low-code framework to build & deploy internal tools with minimal engineering effort.

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Connect to your datasources

Connect to databases, services or custom API endpoints to fetch data and take actions.


Connect to PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cloud Firestore, Redis and many other databases.


ToolJet supports REST APIs, importing OpenAPI spec and authentication with OAuth2.


Integration with services like Google Sheets, Stripe, Slack and more.

ToolJet does not store any data returned from your data sources.ToolJet server just proxies the requests to your data sources. Also,the datasource credentials are securely encrypted before storing.
Your data never leaves your VPC. if you are deploying ToolJet on-premises.

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No-code UI builder

Build internal tools in minutes using our pre-built components like Tables, Charts, Maps, Buttons and more.

Drag and drop builder

Drop components, resize, adjust position, change colors etc can be done using the visual app editor.

20+ UI components

In-built components include tables, buttons, form elements, maps, rich text editors and more

Query editors

Query editors are available for all the supported data sources like PostgreSQL, Firestore, etc. Query editots can be used to build & edit queries.

Mobile layout

ToolJet switches to mobile layout on small screens. Widgets can be displayed on desktop layout, mobile layout or both.

Built for Developers

ToolJet comes with the convenience of a visual builder but supports writing JavaScript code almost anywhere in the builder. Want to convert the timestamps to human readable format? you can just write the expression in double brackets like: {{ moment([2007, 0, 29]).fromNow() }}


Developers can fork, extend and use ToolJet. ToolJet is built using Ruby & ReactJS. Found a bug? Create an issue on GitHub or send a pull request.

Write custom JS code

JS code can be used almost anywhere in the editor. ToolJet's code suggestions dropdown will help you include dynamic variables in your code as you type.

Preview queries

You can run the queries from the editor, preview the query results and the depended components will automatically refresh the data shown.

State inspector

State inspector helps you to check the current state of queries and components.

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Deploy, Share, Iterate

ToolJet comes with fine-grained access controls that allow to restrict the usage on organization and app level.

Host on-premise

ToolJet can be hosted within your VPC and can be deployed via Heroku one-click deployment, Docker or Kubernetes.

Version control

Versions of apps can be created and can be rolled back to previous versions if something goes wrong.

User roles & permissions

Users can be given permissions on organization level as well as app level. You can strict the access to control who can view, edit and create apps.